Fragrance Du Bois

Siberian Rose


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Russia, when we hear the name of this beautiful country and Siberia in particular, conjures up thoughts of white and snowy winters.

With this pure and luminous image in our mind, this is a fragrance built on white floral accords and refers to the white Siberian rose.

The fragrance opens with a spicy fruity top note composed of cinnamon, juniper, pear and pink pepper, and then the floral journey, the personality of the fragrance, passes through a white heart note with tuberose, white rose, ylang-ylang and a rich touch of skin that evokes memories of the wild life of Siberia, with the skin that makes this fragrance so natural and sensual.

Siberian Rose is a long lasting fragrance, longevity comes from a powerful base note which is a harmonious collection of patchouli, amber and musk.