Pierre Guillaume Paris

23.1 Jasmagonda


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The nose imagined a fragrance as a delicate breeze of warm air which, touching the canopy of the forest, charged with the vegetal notes of the cedars of the Himalayas, of the jasmine plantations, passing through the jungles along the coast of the sea, up to the beaches. by Agonda.

At the top, green and silky notes, mixed with bergamot, grapefruit and apple, come alive in a delicate and enveloping vegetable breeze. The heart has a light and luminous opening, combining aquatic notes and magnolia flowers, thus announcing the central accord of Indian jasmine and Himalayan cedar.

The woody intensity of the base is enriched by a vetiver wrapped in spicy notes of vanilla and tonka bean, for a sillage that remains on the skin.

Jasmagonda tells of a green and variegated India, seen from the sky, through a floral, silky and spicy woody elixir, mixing Indian jasmine, Himalayan cedar wood and tonka bean.

"With Jasmagonda I wanted to change my point of view .. and my sense of smell. Fly over the canopy like a bird, caress nature to touch its essence .." Pierre Guillaume.