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Orphéon: symbol of the Left Bank, of creativity, friendship, celebration and the birth of Diptyque!

During the 1960s, the Saint-Germain district established itself as the most emblematic Parisian district, the artistic, intellectual and festive heart of the capital. Here, in this intersection of influences, famous personalities from fields such as the arts, literature or entertainment - both native Parisians and from all corners of the world - loved to meet and exchange views in the countless vibrant places of the neighborhood.

Among these places was the Orphéon, a nightclub at the intersection of Boulevard Saint-Germain, 34 and rue de Pontoise.

A meeting place, infused with the energy that flowed freely in the neighborhood.

It was thanks to the quintessence of this unique and vibrant place and period, so rich in talent, that the three founders created Diptyque's success: soul and spirit in equal measure.

In 2021, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Maison, diptyque reopens the doors of the Orphéon with an eau de parfum designed to immediately immerse us in the effervescent atmosphere of that era.