Eau Lente


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Opoponax, a tree resin native to Iran, was often burned in ancient Greek temples in honor of the gods.

Alexander the Great had his clothes perfumed on a brazier on which opoponax and spice burned; hence the inspiration for this fragrance created in 1986 and reformulated in 2012.

Opoponax is one of the oldest perfumes in the world; already the Egyptians used it in their beauty recipes. This resin gives the perfume an aura of mysticism.

Eau Lente, literally "Acqua Lenta" is a fragrance that is impossible to describe in a synthetic way. Oriental and spicy, this fragrance heats up in contact with the skin, which means that at the beginning of the day it is very spicy with a predominant note of cinnamon, while during the day it becomes warmer and rounder thanks to the diffusion of the opoponax that releases scents of vanilla

Inspired by Alexander the Great, an oriental and spicy fragrance based on opoponax, the sweet myrrh of Somalia with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and spices.

This scent is constantly evolving, as opoponax is released slowly.