Escentric Molecules

Molecule 01 + Mandarin


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Geza Schoen, the creator of Escentric Molecules, says: “Mandarin is all about the immediate. It's so alive, the way it radiates from the skin with that citrusy taste. But there is more to mandarin, it is also very fruity and aromatic. It is a beautiful ingredient. Its transparency means it fades quickly. I touched it up with some extra shading to extend it, adding a tangerine ingredient used in the flavorings to give it super juiciness. Then, as it starts to fade, Molecule 01 syncs, bringing a warm and erogenous feeling to play with that bubbly freshness. It's unusual: for a top note ingredient like Mandarin and a base note like Iso E Super to dance naked together like this, without other notes getting in the way. And then the Mandarin is almost gone and you are left with the high simplicity of Molecule 01.

This is what I love about Molecule 01 + Mandarin: it might be a dance for two, but the story changes completely from the beginning, to the middle, to the end. "

Molecule 01 + Mandarin is composed of Iso E Super + Mandarin.

Iso E Super is an abstract synthetic molecule characterized by a note of cedar wood with a warm and velvety feeling of comfort.