L'Eclaireuse Gold


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The L'Eclaireuse Gold Candle has as its design, a typical reference by Fornasetti to the decoration depicting the face of Lina Cavalieri in a sumptuous dress. With the enigmatic face of Piero Fornasetti's muse Lina Cavalieri, "L'Eclaireuse Gold" features two sides of the same face; a determined woman, half princess, half pirate. Lina was an internationally renowned artist who lived between the 19th and 20th centuries and was famous as "the most beautiful woman in the world". Piero never met Lina, but he considered her face an image par excellence of classical beauty and consequently her enigmatic aspect of her became the focus of Piero's most enduring theme with nearly 400 variations. The 'L'Eclaireuse Gold' scented candles present 'Otto', the characteristic perfume of the Fornasetti Profumi collection. The scent is sophisticated and unique; transcending time, season, gender and boundaries. Created by master perfumer Olivier Polge, it uses ingredients of great personal significance to Barnaba Fornasetti: Mediterranean herbs that have been found in and around the family home, woods often used in interior or furniture designs created by Fornasetti. Other more ethereal ingredients - such as incense - evoke a latent spirituality or sense of the dream landscape that is often present in Fornasetti's graphic poetry.