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ACT III - Scene one

Everything is ready for the meeting.

The soft lights seem to want to caress the crumpled noise of the old vinyl record, and play to hide in the warm embrace of the jazz singer's silky voice. The large French window opens onto the terrace. From outside come only the chirping of cicadas and the warm summer breeze. On the coffee table, a freshly cut bouquet of flowers fills the room with a delicate cocktail of perfumes and a lively palette of colors. I uncorked a bottle of champagne and already fill the two glasses. The unmistakable aroma of yeasts hovers in the air. You sit on the sofa to enjoy this moment. You look around, everything is perfect. Then close your eyes, inhale deeply, listen to the sound of his footsteps on the stairs. You smile. You wish these moments would never end. Knocking at the door.


A summer evening. Everything is ready for the meeting.

Composed by Luca Maffei.