Nabucco Parfum

LOV Parfum Fin


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Gamma, Phi, Lambda Parfum Fin is a unisex creation that completes the first Nabucco perfume collection called Révélation.

It represents the meeting and love between Nabucco and Amatys.

Its name was inspired by the shape of the letters of the Greek alphabet that represent the tools used by the Nabucco Team to find the proportions of the fragrance packaging.

The same tools used by craftsmen and navigators, namely, the square (gamma), the protractor (Phi) and the compass (Lambda): Γ Φ Λ.

By pure chance (even if nothing happens by chance!) The Team realized that from the reflection through a mirror of the three Greek letters, the word LOV can be read.

For simplicity, Gamma, Phi, Lambda Parfum Fin is now called LOV Parfum Fin.