Luci ed Ombre


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Act II scene one

You are calm and carefree. You feel like on the border between a sun-kissed wheat field and a dense forest, dark even during the day. There is a great light, everything seems calm and peaceful. But suddenly a shiver runs down your spine. You realize that that persuasive scene has a disturbing side, which inspires a sense of intrigue and mystery. It is the night that meets the day, the embrace between light and shadow. The breeze of the wind in your hair and the warm, humid breath of the wolf that breathes on your neck. It is no longer clear to you where you are, nor which side you would like to be on. The dark side has an irresistible charm, stronger than the fears and restlessness it causes.


Inside, at the bottom of the soul.

A fresh, energetic, intoxicating scent.

It is a dark, animal incense.

Composed by Meo Fusciuni.