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Act III - fourth scene

Whisper around you, the table is cheerful. The music in the background slowly begins to be heard louder. A crescendo. A glass, another glass. Ron y miel. Intoxicating amber nectar. Intoxicating like the scent of jasmine in bloom, carried by the hot summer gusts. A crescendo. You meet her gaze - she whispers two words. You recognize it, it's Lunfardo. Your forehead is beaded. The salt dissolves in the sugar of the liqueur. It is the fast pace of the Gotan that makes you bold, the night and the tango are your accomplices. A crescendo. A deafening call. The air becomes even hotter. You are aware that you will hurt yourself. But you can't resist it. You get up and go straight to the dance floor ... her face lights up with a smile that lights up the night ... It's all you want right now.


A midsummer night. A flowering pergola, wooden planks, a liqueur. And music.

A warm and sensual scent. Intense growing up. Amber nectar.

Composed by Cecilie Zarokian.