Escentric Molecules

Escentric 05


100 ml
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The lightness, brightness and joy of the Mediterranean islands in summer.

Citrus fruits, pine forests, the hot and whipping wind.

A walk that leads us from the beach in the shade of fig trees and pine trees.

An unconventional summer perfume.

The top note of Escentric 05 is very simple: bergamot to maintain a light and orange tone - an ingredient with an emotional, bright and cheerful character; evokes the orange groves that cover the islands of the Mediterranean. Laurel and rosemary are typical Mediterranean plants with a spicy freshness, juniper brings a herbaceous tone and cypress is a very dry and pungent wood.

The drydown is made up of two classic Mediterranean ingredients - cistus labdanum and mastic. Mastic is a resin produced by a small tree that grows mainly near the sea; it has a clean, pungent scent of freshly cut branches. The cistus is a small plant found almost everywhere in the Mediterranean area; it has a sweet, leathery and balmy quality that I love. And of course there is around 15% cashmeran - which gives the fragrance its 'piny' warmth.

I also introduced a slight note of fig - the bitterness of the leaves and the pulpiness of the fruit. The figs must have been there because there is a fig tree near our house on the island. The fig is a plant that reflects the place, it reminds me of the happiness of the summer spent near the sea "

 Geza Schoen, creator of the fragrance