Mona di Orio



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Created as Mona's secret passion, Lux is a study of light with precious raw materials that harmoniously develop in its characteristic olfactory style called chiaroscuro.

Gently exuberant at first, the brilliance warms up in a captivating embrace of sweet and sensual notes that dress the skin.

Like sparkling champagne, the sparkling notes of Sicilian lemon emerge on the surface with the citrus sweetness of litsea cubeba and the bigarade petitgrain of bitter orange.

The carefree top notes are inserted into the citrusy earthiness of the vetiver and begin to transform into a velvety softness with a hint of wood. The mythical Mysore sandalwood and spicy cedar wood blend, bringing a persistent sensuality.

The pleasant warmth of Lux becomes more pronounced as the precious musks harmonize with the resinous amber, the intoxicating and sweet notes of Bourbon vanilla and benzoin incense.

Fresh, sparkling and joyful.

Lux is part of the Signature collection which has been revived with the same original formulation and a new packaging.