Mona di Orio

Nuit Noire


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Nuit Noire captures the hot sensuality of a dark and sensual North African night, exotic, spicy and animalistic. As in a surprising sexual relationship, the animal energy and the raw warmth of the principle arise from floral notes that collide with woods, spices and leather but, as happens with lovers, this sophisticated floral fragrance dissolves into an intimate and velvety seduction of spices.

The mellifluous floral sweetness of orange blossoms, the intense tuberose and the strong, spicy cardamom seduce each other, teasing each other to prevail. The indolent quality of the orange blossom and tuberose palpitates in a mature luxuriance. More intense notes of ginger and orange blossom blend into the warm wind of this vibrant souk, bringing that intense harmony of incense, spices and wood that comes from frankincense, cinnamon, cloves and cedar and sandalwood. .

Notes of animal musk, reassuring leather, sweet tonka like vanilla and warm resinous amber develop in a soft and velvety exaltation. A primitive nocturnal journey that becomes more and more dark and spicy.

Dark, Spicy and Sensual.

Nuit Noire is part of the Signature collection which has been revived with the same original formulation and a new packaging.