Aedes de Venustas

Oeillet Bengale


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Carnation is a flamboyant retro charmer that borrows the facets of rose and ylang-ylang; has a volatile personality.

Adding explosive exotic spices to its powdery notes means triggering a chain reaction.

A bright peppery bergamot emits the first sparks.

A stick of incense ignites the fragrance.

Pushed into the heart of the Bengal Oeillet, it ties the citrus top notes to the sweet resinous base, like the stem of the flower ... or is it the gunpowder-coated metal wand of the Bengal fires?

Serrated Petals Like Little Teeth: Coming from Bengal, this reincarnated rose is also a tiger, scratching the amber base trail with animal white pepper.

It is then that, tamed by sweet balms - vanilla, tolu, benzoin and labdanum - the Oeillet Bengale curls up languidly, purring.

When diverted to the name carnation, the rose was playing with fire.