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Avocado oil


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It is used to quickly restore the lipid balance of fragile or severely deficient skin following long exposure to the sun or at very low temperatures, and also for the hygiene and care of the newborn.

It is advisable to massage the oil on the face, neck and décolleté daily to achieve significant anti-wrinkle prevention.

Combined with the action of massage, avocado oil tones the skin, makes it supple and is particularly suitable for the prevention of stretch marks both in pregnancy and in sudden weight changes.

In the form of an oil bath, applied to damp hair, Avocado Oil has a regenerating effect on dry, dull, fragile or weakened hair by perms or dyes.

Treatment oil par excellence, Ligne St Barth Avocado Oil is composed of a cocktail of vegetable energy: essential and unsaponifiable fatty acids that give it extraordinary regenerating power.The oil also contains vitamins A and E, true treasures for Skin.

It is quickly absorbed by the epidermis and produces soluble collagen, essential for nourishing the skin.