Pantheon Roma



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Annone, created by the skilled hands of the nose Arturetto Landi, is a sensual and deep but elegant perfume at the same time. White, in fact.

It tells the mighty amazement, the strong and passionate elegance and does so with a perfume with deep and animal tones, made extremely refined thanks to the precious amber, lively hints of musks, spices and precious oriental resins.

The inspiration originates once again from an extraordinary story concerning the life of Raffaello Sanzio at the court of Pope Leo X.

It was 1514, when Manuel I, King of Portugal, in contrast to the Spanish crown, asked the Pope for help to have dominion on the spice route to the East.

The sovereign decides to win the benevolence of the pope through an extraordinary gift.

Thus, on March 19 of that year, the Portuguese entered Rome with a caravan of very rare animals destined for the Holy Father. Among these stands out for its incomparable beauty Annone, a splendid albino elephant.

Leo X falls in love with it instantly and the feeling between the two is so strong that the pontiff reserves every precious animal care possible.

All the chroniclers of the time spoke of him as a very elegant, graceful, intelligent animal that, carried around the streets of Rome, aroused curiosity and great admiration. Despite having two dedicated people, who came passionately from India, who took care of it, the Pope entrusted the supervision of the magnificent elephant to none other than Pietro from Arezzo and Raphael, the two artists who had court.

Of Annone, Raphael created a magnificent painting, on which the mystery of the disappearance weighs. However, the image of the beautiful pachyderm inlaid by the artist still exists today in the Vatican apartments, where the Pope wanted it.