Times Square


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Act one - scene four.

New York stinks. It smells of cheap tobacco and thick exhaust. The traffic seems endless. It smells of hot rubber and stale steam. People are weird. The trendy girl in bright green stilettos orders a huge pretzel. And she smells like filthy stalls food. Cinnamon and french fries. Mustard and caramel. The cherry of the whore's blood-red lipstick mixes with the strawberry of her chewing gum. The side alleys are full of garbage and urine. Make your way through the throng of girls waiting for the striptease for the bachelorette party and you'll be hit by a wave of tuberose and carnation. Tonight I feel like taking a walk. Get me a burger and some crab pancakes. And, as you walk, breathe the miasma of the city. Oh, I love this city. How I love her.


A boy, a very small point. In the heart of the Big Apple.

August 1993.

Created by Bruno Jovanovich.