Timothy Han

On the Road


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Inspired by the novel by Jack Kerouak, On the Road is a unisex perfume that does not leave indifferent, recounting a story of restlessness and desire to try the beat counterculture of a post-war America steeped in Jazz.

London-based artist Cedric Christie collaborated on the artistic part with a series of photographs on 35mm film during a trip from New York to San Francisco.

On the Road is itinerant by nature.

It begins with smoky notes of benzoin and birch reminiscent of the hot asphalt and roughness of New York City. Interspersed with forays into smoky jazz bars, the journey takes us across the expanses of the dusty cornfields of the American Midwest and reaches the cedar groves of the Pacific coast.

The restlessness of the journey gives way to optimism given by the fresh and green fragrance of galbanum, lemon and bergamot.