Use Abuse


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For Use Abuse, Antoine Lie composed a floriental - as molecular, impetuous, vibrant and energetic as Queen's theatrical performances and groundbreaking music.

Based on tuberose, sandalwood and sambac jasmine, the fragrance is an overdose, a symbol of this generation of excesses.

The eighties saw the birth of a frenetic and individualistic generation, eager to live life to the fullest. If one word could sum up this era, it would be "excess". It is the era of showing off one's car, home, clothes, body. Capitalism prevails by imposing its own rules: having no rules.

It is the triumph of appearance over substance. This generation pervaded by consumerism uses and abuses practically everything, pushing itself ever closer to overdosing. Life becomes a stage, the theater of exuberance, and the music reflects this trend, giving life to extremely extravagant live performances.

A band manages to win the fierce competition with panache and become the best live band in the history of pop music. Her name cannot be more appropriate in an era that crowns its stars: Queen. With the incredible showman Freddy Mercury, Queen become legendary for their theatrical performances where they wear the most extravagant looks in an infinite variety of sounds, shapes and colors. But beyond the extravagance, they send a message: to transcend all singularities.