Profumeria al Sacro Cuore was born

Excellence, research, quality.

These are the values that push Lia Lo Brutto and Giovanni Padovan to transform their traditional perfumery into business since 1965 in a living room intended for the proposal of exclusive and refined fragrances from all over the world.

The shop is completely renovated and furnished with elegant curtains,

sophisticated boiserie and Provencal suggestions, to create a comfortable space to welcome demanding and refined clients.

Evolution is necessary for the Perfume to continue to be an element not of standardization, but of distinction.

The first research perfumery
in Italy

First not only for history but for the quality and quantity of the offer.

Hundreds of brands, thousands of products.

From the most famous fashion houses that have made the history of perfumery to the most daring experiments on the contemporary scene.

Craftsmanship and avant-garde.

The culture of perfume

As for films, music, or other forms of art and entertainment, even for perfumes, some indulge in pleasure and the flow of emotions and, those who, on the other hand, would like to understand the details, the mechanisms.

Laboratorio Sacro Cuore contains a vast selection of perfumery raw materials, both synthetic and natural, which will be the tools of advanced olfactory workshops and paths for our most curious customers.

Hedione, Dihydromyrcenol, Calone, Javanol, Timbersilk, Heliotrope, Ambergris and the magic of other essences will have no more secrets for you.

Projected to the Future

Olfactions through brass flowers, personalized workshops, scouting for new talents around the world, multisensory experiences.

Regardless of trends and fashions, Profumeria al Sacro Cuore continues to express its vision of the world of perfume with innovative projects, wide-ranging and looking towards the future.

And the research continues ...