Profumeria Al Sacro Cuore

Sample Card


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Each sample is contained in a 2ml vial.

We do not sample perfumes in oil, BYREDO extrait de parfum, THE NIGHT, DAWN and THE MOON by Frederic Malle, O'HIRA by Stephan Humbert Lucas, GARDELIA and perfumes from the PROFUMUM ROMA, CLIVE CHRISTIAN brands and FRAGRANCE DU BOIS.

We carry out this service ONLY FOR ITALY.

The SAMPLE CARD allows you to receive 3 samples of three different fragrances, to make the purchase more aware to our customers who cannot physically come to visit us in the store.

This card is not cumulative (YOU CAN ONLY REQUEST ONE SAMPLE CARD PER ORDER) and the shipping costs are included in the € 20 (13.90 + 6.10).

Send the name of the 3 perfumes to