Meo Fusciuni

1a Nota di Viaggio (Rites de Passage)


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"Our first perfume was born in Istanbul, in the gateway to the East, in the note of black pepper, the magic of the bazaars, the nostalgia of returning, the joy of sacred places." Meo Fusciuni's first work takes us on a delicate and vibrant journey. Each door, each moment is marked in the fragrance, finds its path in the metamorphosis, from the Top Note of Black Pepper, Grapefruit and Bergamot, to the Heart Note of Ylang-Ylang and Geranium; the profound Base Note and intimate prayer of Sandalwood and Incense. The gush that spreads ... a thousand tremulous leaves ... so many jets let memories fall into the land of the East, into the door that gives passages, into the door where the gaze is also bitter, spicy. Rooted in the earth worked, dug, massacred by man, Vetiver, from which the sandalwood gushes enormous and red and fleshy, carries the divine resins, the sacred incense and the sweetness of Benzoin, the power of Patchouli in its womb.