Aedes de Venustas

Encens Japonais


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Available from February.

An opulent and spicy scent that draws on the freshness of the incense before it is burned.

The doors of a temple open. A heady discharge of ancient Japanese incense fills the air. It is rich and enveloping, yet it lifts as much as it stabilizes the spirit. This is the essence of ENCENS JAPONAIS.

A first snort is a bit like looking through a keyhole - you think you know what you're looking at, but it's only after further inspection that a full scene emerges. Immediately there is a lively spiciness, a freshly ground sprinkle of invigorating pink pepper and black pepper with a touch of orange oil. But soon other notes emerge: Japanese incense intertwined with the softness of leather. The balancing qualities of soft iris and rose. The sensuality of musk, the honeyed bitterness of straw flowers and the voluptuous sweetness of precious woods take you even deeper into the temple.


by Bertrand Duchaufour