Beat Cafè


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For Beat Cafè, Dominique Ropion composed a spicy leather as hot as Bob Dylan's music.

As a tribute to the coffees frequented by the Beat Generation, its melody intones notes of cognac, black pepper and coriander, heart notes of tobacco and black leather and a base of vetiver and cedar wood.

The early sixties mark a turning point in history. As war breaks out in the world, young people begin to rally against the blind violence and oppression of institutions they are no longer able to tolerate. The Beat Generation, formed by a group of authors whose literature explores and influences American culture in the post-World War II era, finds his voice in Bob Dylan's music. Its slightly bluesy melodies, permeated with energy, a rich and direct timbre, spread their message of freedom from the United States to Europe. Poet, writer and underground singer, he began his career with extraordinary performances in cafes. Later, the cafes become mythical meeting places where younger generations meet and share their culture through music, poetry, politics, literature and fashion.

Beat Cafè is a perfume where revolution hovers in the air, saturated with tobacco, liquor and leather that oozes from the sofas where these young rebels are seated to imagine a new order until dawn.