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A fragrance that evokes stretches of sand by the sea and lets you imagine the sound of the waves on a summer day, full of light and wind.

Marine, herbaceous, citrus hints are combined with sensitivity recreating the scent of the sea air, invigorating and inebriating at the same time.

To these notes are added essences of lemon, sandalwood, bergamot and ambergris.

Er.Ol.Fa is the name of Creed's boat.

A delicious, fresh, invigorating scent, which is perfectly suited to an outdoor lifestyle and which pleasantly awakens the body and spirit after a long winter break.

Erolfa captures its perfection in the balance between modern components and a classic base.

Fresh and invigorating, Erolfa is perfectly suited to a healthy lifestyle, which awakens and tones the body and spirit.


by Olivier Creed