Frederic Malle

Le Parfum de Thérèse


Format ml
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Never commercialized, it remained a well-kept secret because Roudnitska's wife, Thérèse, was the only person allowed to wear it. Considered a masterpiece also for the its fruity-aquatic accord 40 years ahead of its time, this olfactory jewel is a tribute to the glorious tradition of French perfumery. A timeless perfume that embodies the style of its creator. Bright, complex, incredibly modern, Le Parfum de Thérèse was created in the mid-1950s by Edmond Roudnitska, one of the most great perfumers of the twentieth century. Mandarin and melon on top are the prelude to a luxuriant development of carnal rose, jasmine and plum; on the bottom, sumptuous, cedar, vetiver and leather bring infinite class.