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LITA is a contemporary and timeless perfume, overseen by the prestigious creator Antonio Gardoni of the award-winning Bogue. With a classic twist and a modern twist, Lita's genderless composition opens with a majestic overture that plays around a thick blanket of alcoholic and rum-like scents, masterfully combined with warm and spicy patchouli and a generous bouquet of white flowers.

Sparkling aldehyde notes introduce a soft melody of jasmine and ylang ylang, with an impression of moist gardenia and suede before releasing a bittersweet amber note with hints of woods revealing burnt notes of vanilla mixed with civet, musk and precious flowers.

Like a somewhat dystopian love story full of intimacy and oblivion, euphoric and blue memories, comfort and adventure, excitement and stillness, Lita develops on the skin creating aromatic notes that appear and disappear in a circular and harmonious way.


by Antonio Gardoni