Intense Cafè


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Discover the irresistible sensory adventure of Intense Café, a fragrance that wraps you in a passionate embrace of gourmet aromas and sensuality. From the very first notes, the scent opens with an intense burst of fresh coffee, capturing the senses with its enveloping and immersive fragrance.

The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans elegantly mingles with the freshness of rose, creating a surprisingly dry and refreshing combination. As the fragrance develops, the coffee softens, giving way to a heart of creamy white musk. This light sweetness gently sweetens the roasted aroma, with hints of cream and sugar blending harmoniously.

In the final trail, the lingering coffee aroma merges with warm amber notes and the enveloping sweetness of vanilla, caressed by the soft embrace of white musk. A surprisingly addictive gourmet scent, it wraps both men and women in a seductive dance of aromas and passions.

Experience the essence of elegance and sensuality with Intense Café, a fragrance destined to leave an indelible mark wherever you go.

Top Note: Floral Notes
Heart Notes: Rose, Coffee
Base Notes: Vanilla, White Musk, Amber

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Profumeria più unica che rara

Non ci sono parole. Mi accontento molto difficilmente. Mai come in questo caso sono stato soddisfatto. Sono cliente da anni e non cambierei mai. Anche perché non se ne trovano di uguali. Non solo per i profumi che trattano, ma anche per la competenza, i consigli e la professionalità. Personalmente ho solo da ringraziare

Grazie mille per queste bellissime parole, Federico! Alla prossima :)