Meo Fusciuni



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Narcotico tells of a beginning, a journey of mysticism that begins in the city of Palermo. Incense, Oud, Benzoin, Patchouli, Tonka Bean. The encounter with the sacred image, like every prayer, is the cradle of our need. Image after image, the face stops, the head bends over the fragrant resin. The memory remains. Narcotic.

“Like any indelible sign, I remember every step well. The journey began in the city of Palermo, on the steps of a church, last September. I knew I was looking for something. The incessant smell of that threshold that I never crossed is still in my olfactory memory. Palermo as a beginning, a journey to different places in search of meaning for the whole journey. A physical and mental journey to sacred and transfigured places of smell, of the human soul. "

Meo Fusciuni