Molton Brown

Orange & Bergamot Nourishing Body Lotion


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Sweet oranges represent the concentrate of vitamins par excellence, these precious fruits are rich in vitamins of group A - which improve the well-being of the skin - of group B - with stimulating and rebalancing properties - and of course vitamins of group C, sources of energy and power.

Recalling the sunshine and richness of Florida's orchards, the Orange & Bergamot body collection, with a delicately fresh and citrus scent, intoxicates the senses, restoring vitality and freshness to the skin.

The main active ingredients that enrich the line are:

Essential Oils of Orange and Grapefruit: give a feeling of natural well-being and vitality to the body and mind

Sunflower oil: rich in antioxidants, protects the skin from the effects of free radicals.

Jojoba micro-spheres, with moisturizing power, make the skin more toned, smoother and smoother.

Orange & Bergamot Nourishing Body Lotion hydrates the body, giving a feeling of freshness throughout the day.