Santa Maria Novella



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The Rosa perfume from the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is a bouquet of floral notes that recall the typical fragrance of the queen of perfumery, Rosa centifolia or May rose. The rose has very ancient origins. Roses were found already at the time of the Sumerians, roses are spoken of in the Iliad and in China in the fifth century BC. the use of the essence of roses was reserved for the Emperor and the nobles of the court. The Romans made great use of it: the streets of the city were sprinkled with rose petals during the holidays, garlands of roses were worn at banquets, rose water was sprinkled on the diners. The archives show that as early as 1381 the Dominicans "sold" rose water. In the language of flowers it has various meanings depending on the color: "Candor" for white roses, "Passion" for red ones, "Infidelity" and "Jealousy" for yellow roses.