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10 was created to celebrate Bogue's tenth anniversary, but with a stylistic twist: their first Eau de Toilette, light and lively, with a concentration of 10%.

A birthday marked by lightheartedness, self-irony and an intensely lived present. A very different perfume from the rest of the Bogue collection - yet perfectly in line with the creativity and flair that distinguishes this brand.

The impalpable fluency of bergamot tickles the spicy green of the marigold in a ringing motion of abandonment. The aromatic agility of lavender, clinging to the silent olibanum, grows in flight. From the right distance we glimpse the gravity of splendid resins, the animalic footprint of the civet, the unshakeable compactness of patchouli and amber. But in blows the lightness of white flowers, lightening precious woods and dilating the pores of oud.

Tightrope walker, 10 lowers in a pianissimo twirl of rose; finally, it rests on the wrists with the infinite softness of tonka beans and vanilla. A refined wandering, not devoid of direction like a feather blown by the wind, but precise and determined as a bird's flight.