14 Hours Dream


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For 14 Hour Dream, Antoine Lie has composed an oriental fragrance.

Sensual, this perfume pays homage to the psychedelic generation who made pleasure their only God. Patchouli brings to mind the memory of that generation's favorite travels to Goa. Vanilla has a cocoon effect, which triggers the "peace & love" feeling typical of the time.

The social revolution starts a musical revolution. The end of the sixties is a time of experimentation: instruments, sounds, drugs, sex, travel. Music meets technology. It is love at first sight. Psychedelic underground rock is born, on a bed of LSD, which enormously amplifies the level of perception. This endless multi-sensory journey of the psychedelic generation finds its maximum expression during the 14 Hour Technicolor Dream event. Held in London on April 27, 1967, this marathon of music, theater, poetry and dance involves 40 rock bands. The last to play when the sun rises over the raving crowd is Pink Floyd. They are the ones who close the festival in an epic way as the rays of light reflect on the mirrors placed on Syd Barrett's guitar, which diffuses the legendary distorted solo into the air. Pink Floyd not only invented a new sound, but they revolutionized musical shows through the use of images and lights.