Autentica di Felsina

Autentica di Felsina Bianca


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Autentica di Felsina Bianca renews the tradition of the handkerchief perfume once used to revive the senses, freshen the air or to be given to a loved one.

In Bologna, the perfumed handkerchief is linked to the Madonna della Pioggia, when the image of the Virgin kept in the sanctuary of San Luca was carried in procession to the city Cathedral, crossing, yesterday as today, the longest portico in Europe. In an atmosphere of celebration and gratitude, the Bolognese greeted the arrival of their patron by waving white handkerchiefs soaked in the perfume created by the most renowned local perfumery.

The same one that lives on today in Autentica di Felsina Bianca.

The fragrance interprets the archetype of eau de cologne, combining precious raw materials in an intense concentration.

Citrus fruits, neroli and a delicate floral bouquet give an airy and energizing impression and are the protagonists of an oriental-spicy 'ambrosia' accord.

On the background the white musks weave a powdery veil with the iris: a seal of quiet elegance.