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MEM is placed along the fragile line that exists between Jicky's dirty lavender and the freshly waxed floors of Mitsouko, both fragrances by Guerlain, to give shape to something new, without leaving easy interpretations and infinitely rewarding the patience of those who can interpret.

The new MEM fragrance bears the unmistakable signature of Bogue Profumo, the complexity, quality and craftsmanship that distinguish this perfume house are expressed in this creation at the highest level.

Created by Antonio Gardoni after two years of work and research on some specific raw materials, MEM was born from an in-depth study of lavender declined in all its aspects: the flowery head, the balsamic leaves, the moist and earthy roots as well as all the variations of these elements in the different botanical species of this plant, to create a perfume in which the lavender becomes almost unrecognizable and disappears.

MEM opens with a dark and almost animal herbaceous note which, in the center of an ideal garden, approaches the scents of terracotta, wood, minerals, burnt sugar and wax, to re-emerge in a new form.

The caramelized note of sugar covers the lavender creating a phantom accord with hints of fruit. Just the time to adapt the senses and the mind when MEM changes again, this time, in a rich bouquet of jasmine, rose, ylang ylang that mix their own thanks to contrasting notes of beeswax, petrol and rubber. Indian sandalwood, with its hint of wheat, together with the persistent smoky aroma of Himalayan cedar wood accompanies the flowers and herbs in the base of the perfume.

Finally, in the base notes, the incense powder blends with musk, salt and the scent of animals, reminiscent of a classic fougère.


by Antonio Gardoni