Casablanca Lily


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Casablanca Lily is inspired by the thriving city that rises on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, where at sunset the intense scent of flowers that reveal their mysteries spreads in the air.

The dark top notes of black plum kick off a wonderful bouquet, with a floral infatuation of wild gardenia and carnation driving an intoxicating and enveloping exit.

When the sun goes down the most intense perfume spreads in the air and many flowers reveal their mysteries only when the night arrives.

This is the inspiration of Byredo's NIGHT VEILS collection, which offers a new perfumed ritual composed of wonderful extrait de parfum.

A single drop of these concentrates on the skin is enough to spread the sensuality of every flower of the night: rose, jasmine and lily.

Yet the Night Veils are not various monolithics but complex compositions where each perfume acquires character through the subtle contact with other essences.


by Ben Gorham