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Iris Nazarena


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Perfumer Ralf Schwieger, who had been looking for a contemporary interpretation of iris for a long time, was the perfect person for the ambitious project of redesigning the flower with velvet petals.

With Iris Nazarena, explains the German nose, I had to face two great challenges: finding a point of diversity with Chanel n. 19, which has always been a reference point for iris-based perfumes and an unsurpassed model since its launch in 1971, and "incorporating the transparency" of the dark iris and the incense accord, so that it expressed the mystical beauty of the Nazarene iris .

An impalpable dusty iridescence covers the olfactory pyramid of Iris Nazarena, which evokes the flower in its full splendor.

The clear ambrette, with its pear, rose and musk facets, casts the tender light of dawn on the top notes.

The rose adds a touch of floral sensuality, while the aromatic accents of juniper berries introduce the theme of incense.

The fresh and vivid green of star anise evokes the stylized stems and leaves of the flower.

Patchouli and vetiver allude to the most precious part of the flower, the soiled roots.

Finally, silvery and incensed volutes, coming from the sacred altars of perfume, weave and develop a mineral and leathery fragrance, warmed by touches of cloves and oud. (from

Iris Nazarena is a contemporary interpretation of Iris composed by Ralf Schweiger.


by Ralf Schwieger