Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Pure Sensual Orchid


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In 2011 Laurent Mazzone surprised the world of artistic perfumery with Sensual Orchid, which has become a symbol of the brand all over the world. Today, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand's creation, he presents Pure Sensual Orchid, which evokes the same carnal aura as the original with a touch of sinful sensuality. An intense fragrance that transforms silky smooth skin into a sumptuous dessert in which to sink your mouth.

Playing with precious and modern materials, the fragrance generously releases its soft and rich heart notes, where the sumptuousness of almond and heliotrope meet the subtle elegance of peony and white cedar. Saffron and star anise diluted the sweetness with their passionate kiss. Luminous sambac jasmine and ylang-ylang enclose the sparkling scent of labdanum and benzoin in a luxurious embrace. Fresh berries reveal their fleshy vanilla in all its sensuality. Amber wood extends the spell until dawn. The result is intoxicating, Pure Sensual Orchid takes the true essence of the original to the extreme: PURE SENSUALITY.