Meo Fusciuni

2a Nota di Viaggio (Shukran...)


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In the second trip you discover the scents of Morocco. The enchantment is the encounter, the space of light that runs through the time of arrival from the long journey, from Turkey to Morocco. "Inebriation, light I sail, between colors and scents, between sea and sand. What to remember about Morocco? What to take away with me?" Born from the meeting of Mint with Tobacco, Shukran ... celebrates the lightness of a people, of a magical place; here joy and expectation meet, the care of time is born, the time for a mint tea. "Shukran is a dedication to a people, a special place for my past, in this country I did most of my ethnobotanical research, I wanted to tell the most joyful side of my experience in Morocco, the moments of quiet that I spent drinking Moroccan mint tea and writing my travel diaries. Mint tea is also the means through which men meet, decide to stop and tell each other, maybe even just through the gazes, it is a very important perfume for me, even if in the composition it may seem simple it contains a world of emotions. " Meo Fusciuni