Meo Fusciuni



100 ml
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This olfactory journey is the conclusion of a cycle, the cycle of poetry, which began with Notturno. it is his evolution, the calm after the storm and the serenity achieved, it is a direct, simple perfume, which finds in its notes the answers to Notturno's questions. It is not a physical light, but a thought light, a light of the mind and spirit. The journey has come to the point of him, at his threshold, silence. Light is the natural contrast of Notturno, the need for balance, for stable self-awareness. "The journey has reached its point, at the threshold of him, the silence. It comes from an introspective journey that begins with the beginning of a new day, when nature has not fully awakened, the air is still humid, everything is stasis, silence and the human gaze is amazed at dawn. The inspiration comes from the words of the American architect Louis Kahn, a teacher in shaping light and matter: “I believe that light is the source of all presence and matter is worn out light. What the light creates, casts a shadow and the shadow belongs to the light. I perceive the presence of a threshold, which separates light from silence, which leads from silence to light, immersed in an inspired atmosphere, where the desire to be and to express meets the possible. The rock, the watercourse, the wind are sources of inspiration. First with amazement and then consciously, we observe what is beautiful in matter. In the sanctuary of art, light meets silence and silence meets light ". The olfactory pyramid of Luce supports an architecture of purity and brightness, it actually expresses a feeling of profound serenity. A perfume that represents the beginning of a new day, a sheet of paper on which to write the end word on one side and on the other the beginning of a new story. " Meo Fusciuni