Meo Fusciuni



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"The Oblìo tells the end of a long journey in the life of a man; third and last chapter of the mysticism trilogy. In the time of this journey I crossed my native culture, the influences of Pasolini and Antonello da Messina, I told the I have been Narcotic of the sacred, I have reviewed my Palermo. I have traveled the depths, to tell the most intimate and sometimes most painful memories of our dormant past. I have continued this journey in a popular, fairy-tale, dreamlike and occult ritual, to this smell I gave a number, Odor 93. I promised myself, like anathema, to pursue my path with will and love. Now I needed to find peace, absolute stillness, the search for balance, the desire to 'to encounter a different spirituality, a peace that floats like a boat on a long river. I found it in the very meaning of the word Oblivion, and in a very distant place. I traveled a long journey to look for something that would closethis magic triangle, I searched for a luminous spiral, its vegetal heart and its body of dust and earth. During this year spent in search of oblivion and its smell, there have been many physical and spiritual influences, a trip to Cambodia and long voyages on the Mekong, the meticulous search for ever purer raw materials, the study of olfactory memory as the beginning of every creation process. At the end of this journey, I realized that I no longer wanted to remember, I just wanted to get lost in the oblivion of my research, and be at rest. Forgetting had become my salvation, my peace. " Meo Fusciuni