Meo Fusciuni



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"I started creating this fragrance by reading Emily Dickinson's poems, I tried to imagine the places where she loved to walk and from there I left, imagining being a child again and running in the middle of grassy fields, listening to nature and breathing the freedom of my Spirit. The next step was to select the raw materials as is done in the construction of a herbarium and find the balance, the elegance that would tell Emily's poetry ". Spirito is the second and last chapter of the Metamorphosis Cycle, it is a perfume that tells of the freedom of the soul, it is the distant gaze, it is a long walk in the middle of the grassy fields, it is a race in the light of spring and summer, it is an olfactory harmony that does not seek internal contrasts, everything has been weighed with caution and a lot of dedication to seek perfect balance, as in nature. " Meo Fusciuni