Micro Love


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For Micro Love, Dominique Ropion has composed an ozonic musk accord that recreates the atmosphere of U2's Zoo TV Tour.

The fragrance is electric, abstract, airy.

The nineties project us into the future. We enter the age of technology. The microchip rules, becoming the heart and brain of all databases. TV, computer, mobile, everything and everyone are immediately available with a simple click.

The multichannel generation is born that consumes information with every breath. A delusion of images and sounds, difficult to process, leads to saturation and blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction. In this noise, a band stands out as the voice of this generation. U2, a robotic name for this group that embraces technology on their musical journey. U2 consecrate the alliance between man and machine. A turning point in the band's history, the 1992/93 Zoo TV tour made explicit, through visual projections of various kinds, the benign and malignant dualism of technology. It is a question of balance.

Hence the name, which pays homage to this partnership between man and technology: Micro Love, represented by a microchip with a heart in the center.