Riserva IX


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Riserva IX is the manifestation of the artistic charisma of the three creators transfigured into an essence that contains within itself the result of an art that unites. Sharing, lightness and a strong and decisive character, as in a tango where neither man nor woman lead, but it is the animosity of passion that fills the environment. Riserva IX is a dance of fragrant atmospheres that dance among themselves in an alternation of aromas that return creating a unique, unprecedented and noble scent. A gallant language, a sensation that wants to be remembered, leaving the mark of a distinct fluttering along space and time. Riserva IX is the first essence conceived by the artists of RITO®, formed by an architecture characterized by notes very close to each other, set to form a structure, which alternates with small movements, each element of its composition. A single top tends to protrude now one, now the other note, maintaining a real pavé of energetic sensations and a brilliant freshness.

NOTES: Bergamot, Petitgrain, Tiger Lily, Ylang Ylang, Amyris, Cypress, Agarwood